What is f2f?

f2f (face to face) is a natural food supplement (in capsules) that helps to maintain a healthy skin from within. f2f is no medicine. f2f is no cosmetic either.

A clear and healthy skin is important to you. You do whatever you can to look attractive. A smooth and clear face has a positive influence on your self confidence. To take care of your skin and keep it clean, you can use skin care products like cleansers and face wash foam. f2f is remarkably different, because it acts from the inside out. It helps to support your immune system. f2f has a physiological effect. The skin on all other parts of your body benefit as well, like your back and upper arms. The small f2f capsules contain a natural, milk derived protein complex with lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is known for being safe.

Is Praventin safe?
Yes, Praventin is a safe and natural bioactive protein complex.

How would you describe f2f in relation to other acne treatments? f2f’s point of difference is that it contains Praventin an ingredient designed specifically for consumers to support the reduction of blemishes and redness associated with poor complexion .

Most importantly f2f is a natural product unlike many of the strong chemical based drugs that are available, and also has the advantage of having no known side effects and has no known contradictions for use during pregnancy.
Consumer research studies have also shown that Praventin is a desired ingredient in a dietary supplement form, due to the attraction of a safe and natural product, that is not only easy to take but effective.

Topical and oral antibiotics have been a popular treatment for acne, however there is there is a serious concern regarding increased antibiotic resistance.

Does f2f have any side effects?
No, f2f has no known side effects and has no known contradictions for use during pregnancy.